Curator: Liane Davison
Surrey Art Gallery, British Columbia, Canada

In 1991, I went back to Pickering to research the marketing material from Ontario Hydro’s information centre, tour of the nuclear power station and visit with local residents. I was curious about the large industrial complex and the environmental changes that have occurred since the nuclear power plant went into operation. The installation, influenced by these issues, illustrates the meeting ground of for two claim-makers the community and nuclear power plant. The surface area of the installation was assembled from a series of paintings dealing with power (energy) and the way it is mediated to the home. Using a illustration style similar to the initial marketing campaigns, I painted my home in Pickering, a lightbulb, a meter, and finally, the nuclear power plant. Each painting was physically separated into three segments and reassembled into one big picture like a puzzle. This process of assembling the one big picture and mapping out the red diagram overtop presented the layered context in which the audience could perceive the artwork.