On Monday Monday, April 23 at 11:30AM I will be presenting a case study at the CHI 2018 conference in Montreal, Canada.

In this paper we describe the practices used by alternate reality game (ARG) designers to engage fans with the issues and effects of global climate change under the scientific guidance of key non-profit organizations. Our multiple case study is based on three projects: Future Coast (2014), the Disaster Resilience Journal (2014) and Techno Medicine Wheel (2007 – ongoing). Our analysis derives from each ARG designer’s interview and observations of their game’s narrative structure, postmortem. Findings provide HCI practitioners with a list of best practices related to the designer’s use of narrative style and physical locations to support fan engagement. These practices emphasize the goals of non-profit organizations (NPO) through science communication utilizing popular media forms.

Paper: Moulder, V., Boschman, L.,Wakkary, R., Neustaedter, C. & Kobayashi, H. (2018) HCI Interventions for Science Communication, Case Study, Conference on Computer Human Interaction (CHI), ACM Press, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Related Research: Moulder, V. A. (2016) Transcoding Place Through Digital Media. The School of Interactive Arts and Technology, Simon Fraser University, Surrey, BC, CA. PhD Dissertation.