On Thursday May 1, 2014  we will be presented HCI Interventions with Nonprofit Organizations: Tactics for Effective Collaboration, at the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems in Toronto, ON, Canada

Location: Metro Toronto Convention Centre – Room 716A
Program: Casestudy – Cross-Perspective Collaboration
Time: 11-to-12:20PM

Thirty HCI practitioners participated in a CHI 2011 workshop,  intending to directly engage with the processes, goals, and challenges of six Vancouver area nonprofit organizations. Analysis of the workshop documentation allowed us to track instances of reciprocal interaction between stakeholders. Findings revealed that various design tactics were productive in enabling collaborators to improve their focus on addressing key challenges in the 2-day workshop. This case study contributes new knowledge – tactics to conduct and evaluate HCI Design Interventions with nonprofits, as well as helping to expand the emerging intersection of political computing and human-computer interaction.HCI Interventions with Nonprofit Organizations: Tactics for Effective Collaboration