Talking Poles, City of Surrey, Public Art, BC, Canada. 2009-2011
Part of an artist team, including Lorna Boschman and Cease Wyss, who created a series of Talking Poles in Surrey, Canada, along the Serpentine Greenway, an urban park whose land is shared with massive BC Hydro towers.

Project Stitch, AIDS Vancouver, BC, Canada. 2007
Member of a team who collaborated and designed an interactive digital quilt making workshop for December 1, 2007 and 2008 World AIDS Day event. Project Stitch is a Digital AIDS Quilt and multi-media artwork created by people who want to share perspectives, information, and questions about HIV/AIDS.

The Lines of Life Project, Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation, BC, Canada. 2006 – 2007
Selected as digital Photographer to design curriculum and team-teach the workshops with the goals of introducing older adults to the processes of digital image making and writing to express ideas of wisdom. The Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation and Social Development Canada through the New Horizons Program sponsored this project.

Parade, Public Dream Society, Vancouver, Canada; The Dream Community; and the Culture and Education Development Foundation, Shijih City, TW. 2004
Worked as an organizer, teacher, and artist to research and plan aspects of this parade, which consisted of 1000 people. While in Taiwan I worked with schools and community groups to help conceptualize project goals and teach workshops on how to build parade costumes, floats, and instruments out of recycled materials.

Home Land Geography, The Kelowna Art Gallery, Kelowna, BC, Canada. 1996
This exhibition for the Kelowna Art Gallery was to bring attention to the many meanings of “home” and the relationship youths and seniors have to their local community. I interviewed seniors over a six month period and collected photographs and stories of their “landmarks.” The stories and photographs became the content of the exhibition. During the exhibition, local students visited the gallery and were able to talk with seniors about the landmarks.

Bench Marks, Artist for Downtown Bus Stations, Vancouver, BC, Canada. 1994
This was a public art project initiated by the Vancouver Association for Noncommercial Culture. I designed artwork for display on the back of bus benches in three locations in downtown Vancouver.

Chalk Marks Project, Arts Umbrella, Vancouver, Canada. 1993
Designed an on-site public art project that brought together children ages six to 18 years, from two inner-city schools, to the Vancouver Art Gallery to create images that portrayed future visions of Vancouver.

The Staying Clean Project, Vancouver Women in Focus Gallery and the Vancouver Alcohol and Drug Programs (ADP), Vancouver, Canada. 1992
Co-curated, organized, and facilitated workshops that resulted in the production of artwork and stories by the Staying Clean Collective that exhibited in the gallery and was later produced into a catalogue

Constructed Environments, Surrey Art Gallery, Surrey, Canada. 1993
This group exhibition at the Surrey Art Gallery was a series of my paintings that explored the way power is distributed in the home.

Behind the Mask, Arts Umbrella, Vancouver, Canada. 1988
Worked with the school’s Youth Dance Company to design a traveling stage set for a performance that dealt with issues of racism in local public schools.