Collaborators Dream Community Culture & Education Develop Foundation, Taiwan, Public Dreams Society and local residences of Shijr City, Taipei County, Taiwan.

In 2004, I worked with the Dream Community Culture & Education Develop Foundation, artists from around the world and  and SHIJR CITY community residents to produce a large parade. We worked with translators in schools and with community groups to provide workshop space and expertise to build floats.

This event is held annually by the Urban Development Bureau of Taichung City Government. The Taichung Art Movement, Community Dream Festival which was initiated with the coordination of many communities nationwide. Over a thousand people, including legislators, council members, and community citizens, gathered to create a never-before seen occasion in community-based activities.

According to Director Huang, Chong-Dian of the Urban Development Bureau, the goal of the event was to explore environmental issues through art creation and to enhance community cognition of the need to bring about a decent living environment with cooperative resident involvement.