Collaborators Lisa Stephenson, Project Stitch, Willow Dunlop, YouthCo, Malcolm Levy, and Jack Stockholm

Project Stitch is a Digital AIDS Quilt and collaborative multi-media artwork created by people who want to share perspectives, information and questions about HIV/AIDS. December 1st is World AIDS Day when people come together, raise awareness and show support for those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.

In 2006, Vancouver’s World AIDS Day was held at the Croatian Cultural Centre. Organizers asked myself and Malcolm Levy to create an interactive installation that would invite young people to enter into an event and participate in digital quilt making. With much consideration we proposed a plan to turn the space into a collage-making center, where people could collect materials, sit down with friends and make the quilt pieces. We then scanned the collages and projected the images side by side onto a large screen.

In 2007, Vancouver’s World AIDS Day was held at Ironworks Studio. For this year organizers invited myself and Jack Stockholm to produce an audio quilt. During the event I worked with volunteers from Youth Co. to demonstrate “how to” use the digital recorders, we then came up with a list of questions about HIV/AIDS. During the event volunteers interviewed people for 30-minutes and recorded their responses. These sound bites where then downloaded to our computers and mixed. As we played back the sound piece to the audience and people could hear their voice like threads woven into of the audio quilt.

>> Listen to Project Stitch Mash-up


YouthCO Questions

1. How does HIV effect you?
2. What have you done to help against the fight on HIV/AIDS?
3. Do you know the difference between HIV and AIDS?
4. Why do you think art is an effective tool in addressing HIV?
5. What do you think you’ll take away from tonight?
6. Why should young people get involved?